Lalit Voip provides you with the cheapest international calling rates.

Another incredible feature is that you can talk for FREE with other users.

Download our free software and start saving on your international calls!

Just follow these three easy steps to start saving on your calls immediately :

1) Download the client

2) Buy credits

3) Start calling!

Download the FREE software » | Go to the instructions »

Why to use Lalit Voip???

1). Its cheap!

2). Easy to use!
   Our Voip Soft Client is available for all smartphones (android, symbian, apple, blackberry) and PC. Also LalitVoip can be integrated with Nimbuz
z, Fring and other SIP softwares.

3). Best quality!
    We don't compromise our call quality. We provide the best quality calls at cheapest rates possible.

4) This is the only voip where you don't have to deal with other currencies. Everything is in your local currency Kyrgyz som (KGS). So your call rates will not change when currency value changes. For example, most of the voip providers provide rates in Euro and Euro value changes from time to time.

5) In Lalit Voip you can recharge as much as you want starting from 50 KGS to 3000 KGS and more.

6) You can get special call rates for some specific countries of your choice by talking with your reseller.

7). Send free SMS to all mobile operators of Kyrgyzstan using LalitVoip website.




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